Natural resin "Celluloid" made from cotton and tree appeared as the first thermoplastic in 1870. Since it has natural decomposition properties by microbes, though it is the oldest material, you may call it earth-friendry one that is required now. Kyoto Celluloid carries on offering in a variety of celluloid goods that smooth to the touch, have deep and vivid colors with the soft luster.

What's New

We have newly opened our office including showroom and workshop at Iwakamidori-sagaru, Horikawa-takatsuji Nishi-iru, Kyoto-shi. It is general house in Kyoto's manner.
We produce celluloid mesh pattern's fauntain pen and ball-point pen experimentally, and their commercialization is just in sight.
Classic fauntain pens and ball-point pens have been available for marketing.
Fauntain pens and ball-point pens with gold fish pattern have been available for marketing.